Tom’s Auto is just one of few new and used auto parts retailers in the Michiana area. Out back in the junk yard we have a wide variety of used vehicles including both foreign and American-made cars, trucks, SUVs and even some unique finds. Yes, we do have some classics, but if you can’t find a part out back, we can track down a new auto part through partnerships with national wholesale parts retailers. If we don’t have it, we can still find it!



We have 14 acres full of used car, truck and SUV parts. Want to visit the junkyard? Just visit the main office, speak with our professional staff, sign in and you’re good-to-go. If you’re looking for a small knob, plastic trim or other small parts, the You Pick You Buy junkyard is for you. 



If you’ve searched the junkyard and still can’t find your part, don’t worry. Through partnerships and connections with national wholesale auto parts distributors, we can find whatever part you are looking for and for a good price.



You know what’s one thing we have a lot of, TIRES! From tractor tires to car tires, stop by or give us a call and see what kind of deal you can get on one tire or even a set of tires.